The lateral transmission is composed of 4 belts with high-performance and automatic belt tensioner. Both PTO 540 and 1000 Rpm work possibility inverting the pulley (Fig.1A). The machine is equipped with one reversible three-point linkage for front and back machine position and an additional frontal three-point linkage upon request (Fig. 3D). There is the possibility to open the front doors to facilitate access, only for maintenance of knives or cleaning (Fig. 2B). The deflectors in the frame facilitate the leftovers downwards movement. Easy Cut System for short knives and Counterknives, upon request (Fig. 3E). The wheels are adjustable in height and they can be easily regulated to the desired distance according on the type of inter-row of potatoes (Fig. 3C).

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Serial Equipment
  • Reversible Three point linkage II or I Cat – Gear box for PTO 540 rpm or 1000 rpm;
  • Special big diameter rotor with Palette Knives;
  • Deflectors for chopped rests;
  • Lateral 4 belt transmission with automatic belt tensioner;
  • Greasing points user-friendly;
  • Rear stabile support wheels with handle height setting and lateral displacement;
  • Openable hoods for rotor inspection;
  • Safety frontal protection shaped to the soil outline;
  • Frontal support stand for parking;
Model TFP-2/75 TFP-2/80 TFP-2/90
Working width cm 180 180 180
Width cm 210 210 210
Length cm 200 200 200
Height cm 120 120 120
Power hp 60-80 60-80 60-80
Weight kg 785 785 785
Short knives 8 8 8
Curved knives 4 4 4
Long knives 10 10 10
Optional equipment
Description Information
Additional frontal three point linkage Compulsory in case of usage of the machine both front and back
Easy cut System, each For a better cut, in the part with short knives
Counterkneif, each
Knives sequence